Thursday, July 16, 2009

More pics for Journey

While trying to "post" my first chapter - I didn't get all the pics entered - so here's some more:

This is the RV part of the Bluegreen Resort "Shenandoah Crossing" in VA - about 30 miles from Charlottesville. The resort has 400 RV sites and lots of cabins, chalets, yurts, & a lodge: lots of activities - in and outdoor pools, activity room with games, ping pong, etc, exercise room, lake w/ boat rentals & fishing, putt putt golf, horse back riding, hay rides, ball fields, play grounds, - & ?

The RV sites are BIG w/ nice patio, gas grill, furniture, fire pit, & ?

Quite a place!!! We were there for 15 days. We finally got the satellite working; WiFi for $, NO phone reception - and free laundry!! :-)

While there we did manage to drive part of the Shenandoah Nat'l Park's "Skyline Drive" which is an extension of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Every time I add a pic to this new post - it moves the others and makes the one I add be first!

Also - I see that my first post did not have all the pics I thought it did so I'll try to add them here, the second pic taken (& I thought sent) on the Skyling Drive, Nathan & his folks with him in his graduation gown (from 8th grade)
OK It looks like that's all the pics I sent in my first chapter - hopefully I'll learn some more about how to do this blog and the next chapter will look better (format?)
Let me hear from you about how you are doing and how you like this format (blog) for getting my Journey Journal Chapters.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Learning to blog?

Today is Tues 14 July 09. Last week (7th) I sent my first chapter of this summer's "Journey Journal". The "Mailer Daemon" said 15 addressees didn't get the msg. Still haven't figured that out! Anyway, now I'm trying to learn to "Blog" so I can just send the link to my blog when I do another "Chapter". Let's see how this works.

Meantime, those of you who did get my msg containing the 1st chapter - here it is again. Those who did not - here it is. (I hope??)

OK - Well I copied the msg into my blog - but all that copied was the text - so I go back to add the pics - and the first one goes right on top - that's Chris Bush, grandson, Marine, father of Abby, great granddaughter, will be 2 in Aug. Let's see where the other pics pop up?
OK that pic replaced Chris and moved him over to the right side.

Tues 7 July 09
Hi Folks
Yes, I'm finally getting this first chapter of our 09 summer trip going.
If I don't have my "group" address set up good - please advise. In other words, if you have told me to not send these reports to you, and you are getting this one - let me know, please.
Since there's a whole month (almost) to cover, I'll just hit the hilights and those who want to know more detail, or see more pics, let me know & I'll send 'em.
Actually, this story goes back to Feb: We traded in the 34ft Newmar Ventana that we had bought in April 08 - for this 39 ft Newmar KountryStar. About 2 days later the dealer went bankrupt. They cashed our check to pay off the loan for the Ventana but did not pay off the loan. We were still liable for the loan. Long story short, the "court" released the Ventana back to us on 27 May. Nearly 4 months of mental anguish, lawyer's fees, etc!!! Time was too short to get 2 RVs ready for our departure for the Huntsville Retired Military golf tournament - so we left the RVs home & drove the Tahoe. After the tournament we spent the weekend w/ grandkids and Great Grandson Jake (5 mos old) What a joy!!!!
Meantime my computer's ability to function was steadily deminishing.
Back home for 5 days and departed Sat the 13th driving 2 RVs to Birmingham. Then Chuck (Jake's older son) helped and 3 of us drove 2 RVs to Jacksonville, NC. Chuck's flight back to Birmingham was cx that nite so he got the early flight the next am. We spent a couple days w/ grandson Chris (the Marine) & his family. Jen is due to deliver their 2nd in Jan, and our great granddaughter Abby will be 2 in Aug. She's talking up a storm and is toooooo adorable for words.

Jake & Chris went fishing one day while Jen, Abby & I went to the beach.
Then Jake & I drove the Ventana to NJ, where nephew Kris (Chief MSGT USAF) was preparing to transfer from McGuire AFB to March AFB (Riverside, CA). Kris was buying the Ventana. We were all excited for him (& for us too). The whole adventure was full of incredible "challenges". The Ventana required a bit of maintenance (slide, AC, fuses, whatever), and the bank delayed incredibly in releasing the title so we both had to get "temporary" registrations. Documents had to be notarized, overnight shipping, calls to various entities, etc etc - seems like it would never end. Not sure if it has yet.
BUT, Kris & his family have embarked on their journey and got as far as Michigan where they are spending a few days w/ Kris's in-laws. While we were in NJ w/ Kris & family, his son Nathan graduated from 8th grade.
After 4 & a half days in NJ Jake & I drove (the car) back to NC. 535 miles, 10.5 hours - WHEW!!
Then on 26 Jun we drove the 325 miles from there to here. We are near Charlottesville, VA at a HUGH resort called Shenandoah Crossing - I'm using points from my "Bluegreen" time share. We're here til Sat the 11th. Then we head for Michigan. Today, for the first time on our trip, we actually played tourist. Up until now we had been tending to various issues of "business". Yesterday it was the mobile satellite technician working for 6.5 hrs to put the RV's satellite in proper working condition. Here's pic of the guy, he could be a clone for my brother in law John - right? (that's for those of you who know John)
And just to wrap up this chapter, here's a couple pics of the Shenandoah Nat'l Park, "Skyline Drive"
I really haven't detailed all the droppings from the little black cloud that's been hovering - mainly because it's way too long to explain herein - plus it's surely way more info than you want to read about!!
SO, I'll close for now. Now that I have a new computer, and am getting acquainted with it, hopefully it won't be so long before I send chapter two!!
Again, please do not hit the "reply" button - but send me a NEW message and let me know how/what you and yours are up to this summer.
Kathy (& Jake too)